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Well which we are able to see by the store okay so now let’s see some more of what you can do with rooms I’m going to go back into rooms and into configuration and I’ll talk a bit about the settings we have here we can define how early the booking can start whether they can book on the same day or you know how maydays in advance should be the minimum we’re booking could start with we canals show the nobility on a per time basis or we can show the ability of individual units I just want to quickly.

show you how that looks so we select availability of individual units which would make sense if you have a group of apartments and each apartment is indifferent from every other apartment and you actually want to describe them differently and pricing differently and so on go two rooms so you go to home booking you do a search here search for availability and you see that see deluxe rooms you get one of those it has the little option there and you have two standard rooms now let’s look at something a bit more.

complicated which is managing a different pricing scheme and also managing children in that context so we’ll go back to booking settings and we’ll go back to show availability on a part-time basis and we’ll do the price calculation per person per night rather than per roomer night now be careful when you switch this because it will just use the same values that are in the base price for each unit toss per person so if you if you’re doing something if you’re switching this after you’ve already set everything up make sure you update.

The prices and we will also choose to display the children choice in availability search okay save the configuration and now we go back tour booking search page go to booking and we’re going to select some dates and you can hear as you change.